The New M1X 16-Inch MacBook Pro is On Its Way to Amaze You

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Every year brings along new excitement of getting your hands on the latest tech launched by companies. Therefore, one of the most important companies, Apple is all set to introduce its new products in 2021.

Everybody’s keenly waiting for the 16-inch MacBook Pro, which will feature USB4 ports on each side, a Mini LED display, and more. Additionally, it might come up with a fresh design using the Face ID feature. Who knows?

For all those people who are deeply rooted in the profession of editing, it is going to be the most amazing version of the MacBook Pro. Imagine owning a strong editing device with a huge display. Sounds great, right?

If you’re interested to know more about the new M1X MacBook Pro, here’s every assumption being made that the MacBook is likely to bring along. So, let’s get started!

The New Design of M1X 16-Inch MacBook Pro

As being assumed, the new M1X MacBook Pro is likely to show up in any of the two designs: The regular old Apple design with nothing extra or a new sleeker design we’ve been wondering about over years.

Notably, Apple has always come up with little changes to the same regular design over the last ten years. However, the major changes out of them included going thinner, cutting off the squared edge design, and making it lighter.

Therefore, now the users are expecting Apple to bring some massive changes that could blow their minds off.

The New Display of M1X 16-Inch MacBook Pro

The older 16-inch MacBook Pro features a great display already, with P3 wide color gamut, Retina density, etc. It also enables you to switch between refresh rates of 48 and 60 Hz. However, one of the biggest rumorsis that the new M1XMacBook Pro will feature a mini-LED.

Don’t confuse yourself with mini-LED and OLED. Since OLED has issues, including off-axis color shifting, smearing, burn-in, etc, mini-LED is expected to provide a much better experience. It consists of 200-micron LEDs that enable the display to go black.

Another thing that the users want to see in the new MacBook Pro is shifting the switchable refresh rate approach to a complete ProMotion.

Radio Rumors of the New M1X 16-Inch MacBook Pro

Notably, the older 16-inch MacBook Pro doesn’t include Wi-Fi 6. Not only this, but none of the Intel Mac has the same. It seems like Apple was making its way to bring the same through their own silicon, the same as the M1 Macs. Therefore, the new M1X MacBook Pro is going to feature Wi-Fi 6 with M1X.

Putting emphasis on the 5G cellular networking, it’s not something that Apple offers with the M1 or the MacBook Air. However, users would love to get that option, no matter Qualcomm makes it a little pricey.

Multitouch Feature of the New M1X 16-Inch MacBook Pro

Multitouch is what many people are rooting for on the new Mac. However, Apple has clearly mentioned that they won’t be adding the same. It means you won’t get to see the multitouch feature, which leaves you with the Touch Bar.

M1XRumors of the New M1X 16-Inch MacBook Pro

You’re already familiar with the M1 series of Apple. Therefore, the big question is, what more has been done by Apple to upgrade the M-series for the new MacBook Pro? The most assumed answer is adding more cores, as already been done for the iPad Pro.

Notably, M1 currently possessesfour performance cores, four efficiency cores, eight graphics cores, and sixteen neural engine cores. Now, as per rumors, the M1X is likely to come up with twelve or sixteen performance cores and sixteen graphics cores.

Furthermore, M1 features only 8 and 16GB memory options, but M1X is expected to include 32 and 64GB options as well.

Face IDRumors of the New M1X 16-Inch MacBook Pro

The older 16-inch MacBook Pro comes with a T2 chip that fixed almost everything the Intel Core series failed to offer. It also includes signal processing, Touch ID, acceleration, and real-time encryption.

It is worth mentioning that the M-series includes all of it already; therefore, a T2 chip is not required anymore. The M-series also include the Apple Neural Engine on which the Face ID feature relies.

Have you ever imagined how cool it would be to open the lid of the MacBook Pro and unlocking the same using the Face ID feature?

So, all the information mentioned above is the new topic of discussion as Apple will be bringing the new M1X 16-inch MacBook Pro this year. There are a lot of rumorsand assumptions being made; however, the facts will be revealed by Apple itself. So, are you looking forward to getting yourself a strong editing machine like the new M1X?

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